Bulldogs News · Results From Gainesville Powelifting Meet: 1st Again….. !!!!

You EHS Powerlifters just keep winning…. They once again took home 1st Place at the Gainesville Invitational Meet this past Sat., Jan. 26th. This week EHS had 2 boys teams compete.


Check out all of the results below.


114 lbs: Chasmon Davis (875 total) = 1st Place


123 lbs: Ever Barron = 1st Place


165 lbs: Antony Nixon = 1st Place


198 lbs: Edgar Guzman = 2nd Place


220 lbs: Malyk Newsome (1490 total) = 1st Place


242 lbs: Izaiah Olalde = 2nd Place


242 lbs: Eddie Veal = 3rd Place


275 lbs: Willie Tutt (1625 total) = 1st Place


SHW: D’Marrya Searcy = 2nd Place