Bulldogs News · Causing A Cat-astrophe!! = Article by Katy Raya

Causing a Cat-astrophe!

Katy Raya

On March 1st, the Everman Bulldog boys soccer team stirred up a classic dog vs. cat fight against the Seguin Cougars.


The Bulldogs walked off the field with a hard-earned 3 to 1 victory. During the first half of the game, #6 Chris Rosales scored a goal off of a corner kick. The Bulldogs and the Cougars were neck on neck with one another. Both teams did their best to not only keep the ball away from one another, but also score. Although the Cougars were able to score a goal, the Bulldogs were able to score two more during the second half and prevent their opponent from catching up.


“I think that I did okay, but I could’ve done better for my team; and defensively, I could’ve done better,” said #4 Senior Rafael Martinez when asked about his personal performance. Martinez believes that his opponents did very well. The Cougars took Martinez by surprise and he didn’t expect them to play as hard as they did. “We did really good but we got confident. We were caught off guard by the Cougars and were surprised by them. Although we beat them, they always play hard, rough, and clean.” Martinez hopes for him and his team to work harder, play harder, and to work and talk to each other as a team in these upcoming games.


During the second half of the game, Esai Romero #10, chipped Seguin’s goalkeeper and ran around their defender to score a goal. The Bulldogs were ready to power through whatever was thrown at them. They kept their heads up and supported one another. The entire team was on the same page and communicated with each other. With 13 minutes left to spare, Yahir Romero #1, scored a goal off of a penalty kick. Ultimately, the Bulldogs proudly walked off the field with their hard earned victory.


“I felt like I was a team player and completed my passes,” said Sophomore #13 Yafet Rodas, when asked about his personal performance. This game was Rodas’ first varsity game. With his hard work and dedication, he will help the team win the games to come. “Our opponents were okay,” stated Rodas when asked about his opponents, “although they were much bigger than us.” Rodas believes that his team was superior and well rounded. Rodas hopes to be more of a team player and score more goals for them. Along with that, he hopes to help his team achieve their goal of going to district playoffs We congratulate Rodas for making it to varsity and wish him and his team the best of luck!


Like always, the Bulldogs are ready to give it their all in these next three games. Each and every single player wants to successfully end the season with multiple hard-earned victories. With these next three upcoming games, the Bulldogs are ready to work as hard as they possibly can to defeat their opponents. Each upcoming practice and game is extremely vital to the team. They are expected to learn new strategies and improve their skills. It’s important for us to continue supporting the Bulldogs by attending these next three games.


The Bulldogs will play against the Burleson Elks at the Burleson High School Stadium on Tuesday, March 5th at 6:00 PM.


Katy Raya, Staff Reporter

Katy Raya is a junior at Everman Joe C. Bean High School. She is a staff reporter for the Bulldog Press. She writes news articles as well as features….