Bulldogs News · Taming The Bucking Broncos: Article By Katy Raya

Taming the Bucking Broncos

Katy Raya

On February 26th, the Everman Bulldogs played the Legacy Broncos and walked off the field with a hard-earned 2-0 victory.


During the first half of the game, the Bulldogs and the Broncos were ready to compete with one another. The Bulldogs worked together to keep the ball away from the Broncos. They communicated with one another and planned out their strategies beforehand. Goalkeeper Fernando Cisneros made a goal-line save with 25 minutes left. With 16 minutes left, #10 Esai Romero, scored a goal outside the box which was deflected off of the Legacy goalkeeper’s assist. Near the end of the first half, Bryant Barajas #3, assisted Romero score a goal. By the end of the first half, the score was 2-0.


“I did pretty good although I could’ve done better if it weren’t for my arm being injured,” said Sophomore Yahir Romero. When asked about his opponent’s performance, Romero stated that they were okay, and as soon the Bulldogs applied pressure they would’ve lost the ball. “I think we did really good; we had good attacks trying to play our forwards,” commented Romero over his team’s performance. Romero believes that his team could’ve shifted faster whenever the ball would move around. He hopes for him and his team to score another two points for the next game and to continue winning.


No goals were made by either team during the second half of the game.  The Bulldogs never gave in to the Broncos’ tactics. They played by their own game and never let the Broncos take over. The Bulldogs took over the field and didn’t let their opponent take them down. Each player knew what to do to prevent the Broncos from scoring or even taking over.


“I think tonight’s game was a really big step forward for us. It was a good win, especially against a tough opponent. I think we really made our mark on them,” said Senior Jose Narvaez. “I personally think I could’ve done a lot better distribution wise. There’s a lot more that I could’ve done to help the team out more and put some balls up forward.” Narvaez believes that his opponent did really well, they fought the ball hard, and showed a lot of strength and energy.


The Bulldogs have had a successful season so far. They learn new strategies from each game and the relationship between the team gets stronger and stronger. They’re all very supportive of each other and keep their spirits up. In these next four upcoming games, the Bulldogs are expected to work harder than ever in order to end the season strong. With the assistance of their coach, Michael Boone, the Bulldogs are bound to continue being successful.


The Everman Bulldogs will play against the Seguin Cougars at the Everman High School Stadium on March 1st at 6:00 PM.

Katy Raya,

Staff Reporter


Katy Raya is a junior at Everman Joe C. Bean High School. She is a staff reporter for the Bulldog Press. She writes news articles as well as features….