Bulldogs News · Bulldog Tennis Closes Out the Fall 2020 Season….

Bulldogs Close the 2020 Fall Tennis Season

The Everman Bulldogs finished the 2020 Fall team Tennis campaign with a trip to Mansfield Legacy. The fall season has been fast and furious but filled with reward and flashes of good to great tennis at EHS.


Due to the pandemic and endless restrictions, the fall season began with a shortened timeline for district, but the same seven competitive schools. The coaches agreed to play the seven matches in 3.5 weeks instead of 7 weeks and take our chances with the weather. All things worked out great. The weather was beautiful and the competition was enjoyable to watch. This trip to Legacy was only marred by the scoreboard not the attitude and play of the players.


The doubles opened with some well played matches but no winners in seven contests. The closest match was turned in by a newly formed team of Ely Mondragon and Aziah Henderson. The match was on our racket but slipped away in a tiebreaker 8-9 (5-7). Down 0-7 from the doubles matches, our work was cut out for us as we moved into singles play.

In men’s singles matches, the strongest performances were Jonathan Cordoba, Humberto Alanis, and Ely Mondragon. Jonathan played extremely well before losing the third set tiebreaker – ouch!! His score was
6-2, 2-6, 7-10. Well done Jonathan! The next impressive show of the day was Humberto Alanis who has almost convinced himself that he CAN play singles losing 3-6, 4-6. Way to go Humberto! The final close match on the scoreboard was Ely Mondragon who allowed emotion to rob him of the match, but he will get better 4-8. You hung in there Ely! The other members of the men’s singles were Bryan Ramirez, Jordan Bundy, freshmen Johan Gomez and Diego Zamora. The only senior of the bunch Izaiah Jimenez had a
good match before falling short.

Next, we turn to the women’s singles, the only win for the Bulldogs, and a person continuing to carry herself well in play, senior Marlen Rivera was victorious 8-4. Super job Marlen!! The remaining seniors of Valeria Robles and Haely Bernal continued to carry the team with the absence of our #1 and #2 singles players. Each girl played hard and represented the team as they have always done in their career at EHS. The only junior of the women’s squad played strong with her partner Valeria in doubles Madisyn Stevens. The next members can’t be described in simple terms, but in their drive and their heart for tennis and this team. They stepped in and fulfilled anything I asked them to do without question or doubt. Each of them at Legacy again played well and ended up short on the scoreboard, but big in the playing field: Andrea Ruedas, Aziah Henderson and Mariana Martinez. Mariana summed it up this way “Coach I can’t describe it, but the score was not great, but I played really well”. That’s the best way to describe it. The final report has two more individuals to mention that are definitely a big part of the future of Bulldog tennis. They are freshmen Arleth Rivera and Alexandra Guzman. These two ladies are always at practice and never make excuses for anything. I can correct them and sometimes seem disappointed but that doesn’t discourage them.

As we boarded the bus to return home, I shared what athletics and competition has done for them as well for me. We have been through an unusual time in history and dealt with it and molded it into something that will last a lifetime. The competition is not winning a match or winning a medal, but winning in life. These seniors and you underclassmen have united and fought through adversity, rules, restrictions, changes and uncertainty and made something worthwhile and productive. We have been denied the things that we need most to see each other’s faces, to pick each other up, and to hug when we need a hug without reprimand and scorn. This season isn’t advancing to Bi-District, but to something bigger and better that those other teams probably couldn’t understand.