Bulldogs News · Start Of The 2021 Spring Tennis Season…. Check Out The Pics!!!

The Everman Tennis Team knocked off the dust and rust from the offseason to begin the 2021 Spring Tennis Season. The hopes are to complete the 2021  season unlike the tragic demise of the 2020 tennis season.

The J.V. team opened on Tuesday with a promising show of talent and skills needed in this tournament schedule. The girls singles of Arleth Rivera, Alexandra Guzman, and Andrea Ruedas played exceptionally well all day with Andrea capturing the consolation medal for singles. The girl’s doubles followed the singles displaying the same tenacity.  The team of Aziah Henderson/ Ana Perez advanced to the medal round and took fourth place. The newly formed team of Devany Alvarez/ Kelly Rojas worked hard and improved through the day.


The boy’s singles of Johan Gomez and Diego Zamora played well and advanced to three rounds before losing to some tough competition. Good things are in the future for these singles novices. The boy’s doubles of Izaiah Jimenez/Lucio Trujillo started slow, but got better each game played.  They were very hopeful for the next tournament in Burleson.


The Varsity opened on Friday with a show of skills and talent that will continue to improve toward the district tournament. The boy’s singles of Jonathan Cordoba and Ely Mondragon were very good in their match play. They started strong and Jonathan showed promise in singles. Ely advanced to win the consolation medal for boy’s singles.


The girl’s singles for the 2021 campaign are both new to this position. Jimena Oropeza and Victoria Guzman did a remarkable job. Each of them in this new position showed their strategy and skills in some extremely tough competition. Things look good in girl’s singles.


The girl’s doubles didn’t disappoint. Marlen Rivera and Haely Bernal played well in their new role at the top of doubles. Valeria Robles and Madisyn Stevens extended their play from J.V. doubles to varsity with a vengeance. They advanced to the medal round before losing in three sets for third place.


As one can tell, the 2021 tennis campaign is off to a great beginning. It might have missed a few bits of hardware, but the team knows that the future is bright. The varsity will continue play on Monday, February 8th instead of Friday, February 12th because of the possibility of inclement weather and bitter cold.  If you want to see some fine athletes working hard for themselves and EHS, come to the courts or come to a match. Restrictions are possible, but you might be able to watch them through the fence, so bring a chair!!


Thank you team and thank you parents for your fine young athletes!!!!


Coach David McCollum
Coach Ruben Moran