Softball @ Trimble Tech

Everman Softball
Trimble Tech
Game Start Time:
11:00 am
Game Date:
Name of Game Site:
Trimble Tech
Game Site Address:
1003 W Cannon St
Fort Worth, Texas 76104
United States
Map It
Departure Time From EHS:
09:00 am
Approximate Return Time To EHS:
05:00 am
Meal Provided for players:
Coach To Contact For Questions:
Coach’s Contact Number:
(972) 207-4808
Directions to Game Site from EHS:
Start out going north on S Race St toward Russet Trl.

Then 0.37 miles
Take the 2nd left onto Everman Pkwy.

Everman Pkwy is 0.2 miles past Townley Dr

If you reach Christie Ave you’ve gone about 0.1 miles too far

Then 2.06 miles
Turn right onto South Fwy.

If you are on W Everman Pkwy and reach Sheridan Rd you’ve gone about 0.2 miles too far

Then 0.12 miles
Merge onto I-35W N via the ramp on the left.

Then 6.66 miles
Take EXIT 49B toward US-287 Bus/Rosedale St.

Then 0.29 miles
Merge onto South Fwy.

Then 0.19 miles
Turn left onto E Rosedale St/US-287 Bus N/TX-303. Continue to follow E Rosedale St/TX-303.

If you reach Verbena St you’ve gone a little too far

Then 1.03 miles
Turn right onto S Henderson St.

S Henderson St is just past S Adams St

If you reach 5th Ave you’ve gone a little too far

Then 0.18 miles
Turn right.

Just past W Terrell Ave

If you reach Cooper St you’ve gone a little too far

Then 0.09 miles

1003 W Cannon St, Fort Worth, TX 76104-3030, 1003 W CANNON ST.